Who Are We?

Welcome to The GenLab!

GenLab is a Diverse Cowork Collaborative striving to be an inclusive and comfortable environment for all. This is an open forum to discuss all things startup. A space for individuals of diverse backgrounds, culturally, socially or economically. We are a community of diverse people who ask questions, share tips, offer feedback and connect with one another. Our goal is to become a space where you can confidently and comfortably find support along your startup journey. We encourage everyone to engage and share ideas, thoughts and experiences. As we grow our community, you can expect us to host coworking meetups, events and workshops, where we can collaborate in person, exchange ideas, share knowledge and fuel our entrepreneurial visions! 

Join us on our journey as we redefine the coworking space!

Whether you are early stage idea, functioning business, freelancer or part-time hustler,
YOU are welcome here!

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